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We, officers and members of BatangRizal Organizaton (BRO) dedicated to help uplift the dignity and self-worth of children and the youth; undertake responsive and effective programs and services; to strengthen the financial and technical capability of the organization and linkages with GO’s and NGO’s do hereby adopt and promulgate these Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 1. The name of the organization shall be BatangRizal, (Laguna) Organization Incorporated.

Section 2. BatangRizal is a dynamic, patriotic and civic organization.

Section 3. Year of Establishment. BatangRizal Organization was established on February1,2009.

Section 4. BatangRizal Organization Official Seal. The Official Seal of BatangRizal Organization shall be circular in form and shall contain the name of the organization, BATANGRIZAL ORGANIZATIOnand the name of the province.

Section 5. BatangRizal Organization Official Hymn. a. The Official Hymn of BatangRizal are as follows:


(Orihinal na Komposisyon ni BRO Aboy Formales)


Nang isilang, sa muniting bayan

Rizal Laguna, ang ating tahanan;

Mga pangarap, tanim sa isipan

Ang pagusbong, butil ng kaunlaran

Koda 1

Dito tayo nagkaisip, lumaking may paggalang,

Hinubog sa tamang ugali ng magulang;

Ang madilim na landasin, hindi ito hadlang,

Upang mapaunlad itong ating munting bayan


BatangRizal, iyong mararating

Ang pangarap mo, mahirap ma’y maaabot din.


O kay ganda, ng bayan natin,

Bundok, batis, ilog na kay linis;

Mamamayan, nagtutulungan,

Rizal, Laguna, tahimik na bayan.

Ulitin ang Koda hanggang Koro


Saan mang bansa ka naroroon,

Nagtitiis, sa baya’y ika’y sabik;

Pinipilit na makabalik,

At ialay tagumpay mong nakamit.

Koda 2

Hindi ko nais higitan, maunlad na inang bayan

Dalangin natin mga bata ang tulungan;

Ang madilim na landasin hindi ito hadlang,

Upang mapaunlad itong ating munting bayan.

Ulitin ang Koro

Ulitin ang Koda hanggang Koro 2

b. to instill in the minds of the members the BatangRizal hymn shall be sung in all its meetings

Section 6. BatangRizal Official Handshake. The Official Handshake of the Batang Rizal shall be as indicated hereunder.

Section 7. BatangRizal Official Web Site. To promote the organization and its programs and activities, the BatangRizal Organization ( is linked at The website is kept up to date under the responsibility of its founder/author and/or any duly authorized BRO member.

Section 8. The calendar year of activities of the organization shall be from January 2 – December 31 of each year.


Section 1. The principal office of the BRO shall be at the compound of Ashton Faith Academy, Cor. Zamora and Virina Streets, Barangay East Poblacion, Rizal, Laguna.

Section 2. In the event a new president is elected the principal office of the BRO shallbe at the place he/she or the BOD may designate.



Section 1. Vision. Self reliant children, families, and communities, empowered by a strong belief in their self –worth and dignity as human beings.

Section 2. Mission

a. To uplift and enhance the dignity and self-worth of children and youth.
b. To undertake responsive and effective programs and services.
c. To strengthen the financial and technical capability of the Organization and linkages with GO’s, NGO’s, and donor agencies.

Section 3. The following are the objectives of BatangRizal (Laguna) Organization:

a. To provide opportunities to children, youth and their families to develop values, enhance skills, knowledge and self-sufficiency through provisions of various programs.

b. Respond to the developmental needs of the children and childcare needs of parents through the provision of an alternative child care support structure.

c. Contribute to the physical well being of the children, youth and to support and respond effectively to their educational needs.

d. To enable BatangRizal Organization to be self- sufficient by developing specific programs, strategies and linkages.

e. To enable BatangRizal members and volunteers to effectively and efficiently. Realize the organization’s goals and objectives by providing ideas and opportunities for further development/enhancement.



Section 1. Membership in the organization is open to the following:

a. residents, non-residents of Rizal, Laguna and other groups who strongly believe in the vision, mission and objectives of the BatangRizal.

Section 2. Members can be categorized in any of the following divisions:

BatangRizal Kids

BatangRizal Teens

BatangRizal Tau Gamma Phi (Rizal, Laguna Chapter)

BatangRizal Educator’s Team

Barangay BatangRizal

BatangRizal Adventure Team

BatangRizal Body Builders

BatangRizal Bikers

BatangRizal Riders

Section 3. Application for membership shall be made in writing in a form provided for the purpose and shall be presented to the Membership Committee for appropriate action.



Section 1. A member of the BatangRizal shall have the following rights and responsibilities:

A. Rights of a member:

1.Exercise the right to vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the organization;

2. Eligible to any elective or appointive office of the organization;

3. Prticipate in all deliberations/meetings of the organization;

4.Examine all the records or books of the organization during business hours.

B. Responsibilities of a member:
1. Participate in the various activities of the organization and community.
2. Must have an expressed commitment to the organization’s cause.
3. Must endeavour to love and care and assist each other harmoniously.

4. Must pay monthly dues as determined by the BOD.

5. Must undergo a pre-membership orientation/seminar.
6. Must be willing to render service whenever necessary.
7. Must attend the general assembly meetings and other meetings.
8. Promote and patronize the products of the organization.



Section 1. The Board of Directors of the organization shall be composed of eleven (11) members which include the President.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall be those who represent the BatangRizal coming from different divisions as provided under Article IV, Section 2 of this By- laws.

Section 3. The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected at their division levelat least thirty (30) days prior to the holding of BatangRizal Elections of Officers.

Section 4. They shall assume their office upon taking their oath.

Section 5. Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors.

a. Formulate plans, programs and policies of the BRO in accordance with itsBy-Laws and resolution of GeneralAssembly and prescribe rules and regulations for the benefits and welfare of its members.



Section 1. In the exercise of executive powers, the administration of the affairs and management and control of the properties BatangRizal, the President a he/she deems necessary may appoint men and women of probity and integrity as membersof the presidential assistants.

Section 2. The number of Presidential Assistants shall be at the discretion of the President.
Section 3. Term of Office of Presidential Assistants. The term of office of the Presidential Assistants shall be co-terminus of the President.



Section 1. The officers of BatangRizal are as follows:

1st Vice-President
2nd Vice-President
Business Managers (2)
Press Relations Officer

The administration of the affairs and management of business activities of the BatangRizal are vested in the President.

Section 2. Terms of Office of Officers. All officers of the organization shall hold office for three (3) years until their successors are duly elected and qualified. No officers shall serve for more than one (1) term in the same position

Section 3. Schedule of Next Election. The next elections of BatangRizal shall be on the 2nd Saturday of September 2012. For purposes of regular elections it shall be held every 2nd Saturday of September and every three years thereafter.

Section 4. Officers to be elected. For purposes of elections on 2012, the following positions shall be filled-up:

Business Managers (2)
Press Relations Officer

Section 5. The Oath of Office of the newly-elected officers shall be every 2nd Saturday of October following the elections.



Section 1. President – The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. He/She shall preside in all meetings of the organization. He shall execute all programs and resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors. He shall be charged with directing and overseeing the activities of the organization. He shall submit to the Board as soon as possible after the close of each year a complete report of the activities and operations of the association for the calendar year under his term.

Section 2. The 1st Vice-President – The Vice-President, if qualified, shall exercise all powers and perform all duties of the President during his term, incapacity of the former and shall perform duties that may be assigned by the Board of Directors. This position shall be automatically abolished on the 2012 elections.

Section 3. The 2nd Vice-President – In the event 1st Vice-President fails to assume the functions of the President, the 2nd Vice – President shall automatically assume the position of the President. However, for purposes of the 2012 elections this position shall be automatically abolished.

Section 4. Secretary – The Secretary shall be appointed by the President. She shall serve the office co-terminus with the appointing authority. The Secretary shall giveall notices required by these by-laws and keep the minutes of all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors in a book kept for the purpose. He shall keep the seal of the organization and affix such seal to any paper or instrument requiring the same. He shall have the custody of the members register and the correspondence files of the organization. He shall perform all such other duties and work as the Board of Directors may prescribe.

Section 5. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds, receipts and certify to availability of funds, disburse the necessary fund upon the approval of the President for the activities, projects and programs, in accordance with the existing policies, rules and regulations, and maintain financial reports and records and the annual general budget for approval of the Board of Directors. He shall keep the monies and other valuables of the organization in any bank as the Board of Directors may designate. He shall keep and have charge of the books of accounts. He shall perform such other duties and functions as may be assigned by the President.

Section 6. Auditor – The Auditor shall institute policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures for the proper disbursement of the organization’s funds. Examine and audit all accounts pertaining to the organization’s finances as well as the proper disposition or usage of the organization’s funproperties. Define the scope of its audit and examination procedures.Establish the techniques and methods required therefore, and promulgate accounting and auditing rules and regulations, and submit to the Board of Directors and annual report covering the financial condition and operation ofthe organization. He shall perform such other duties and functions as may be assigned to him by the President.

Section 7. Business Managers – The Business Managers shall be responsible in themanagement of the business affairs and activities for the organization. He shall perform such other duties and functions as may be assigned by the President.

Section 8. Public Relations Officers – The Public Relations Officers shall develop public affairs and public relations programs pertaining but not limited to the proper use of all forms of media and printed materials, and to community involvement projects, which are deemed to be useful to the objective of the organization. He shall also perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by the president.



Section 1. The BatangRizal shall have the following committees:

a. membership

b. election

c. ways and means

Section 2. Each committee shall be composed of five (5) members and they shall elect among themselves one (1) chairman and a secretary.

Section 3. Functions of the committee. The committee is authorize to formulate policies, rules and regulations pertaining to its functions. Every policy, rules and regulation shall be subject for BOD consideration.



Section 1. The General Assembly Meetings. The General Assembly Meetings of the organization shall be held at least once a year.

Section 2. Regular Meetings of the Officers and the Board of Directors. The officers and the Board of Directors shall meet on the date, time and place to be determined by the BOD.

Section 3. Special Meetings. Special meeting of the organization may be called by the President or by a majority of the BOD.



Section 1. The funds of the organization shall be derived from membership fees, donations, dues, and fund raising activities.

Section 2. The funds of the Batang Rizal shall be used to defray operational expenses of the organization.

Section 3. No fund or donation whether cash or in kind shall be collected with the condition that will compromise the fundamental character of the BRO as an open and independent organization.

Section 4. The funds of the organization shall as far as practicable be deposited in any authorized bank or depository institution and shall be withdrawn only by the President and the Treasurer.



Section 1. Amendments – These by-laws, or any provision thereof, may be amended orrepealed by a majority vote of the members present at any regular, special or general assembly meeting called for the purpose.

ADOPTED this 6th day of February, 2010 in Rizal, Laguna by the affirmative vote of all the members present in a General Assembly Meeting.



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BatangRizal Org. 1st Founding Anniversary

BatangRizal Organization 1st Founding Anniversary

Posted by: BatangRizal (Laguna) | January 17, 2010

BatangRizal Biker’s Team

BatangRizal Biker's Team

BatangRizal Biker's Team

BatangRizal Biker's Team

Posted by: BatangRizal (Laguna) | January 15, 2010

Proudly BatangRizal Org. member/model

Proudly BatangRizal

Proudly BatangRizal

Proudly BatangRizal

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91st Founding Anniversary

Foundation Day 2010

BROrg. members Singing the BatangRizal Hymn dubbed " And PamBayang Awit ng Rizal, Laguna"

Talented BatangRizal EXELLION dancers

Proud BatangRizal Organization members during the 91st Foundation Day

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BatangRizal Organization is now SEC registered

BatangRizal Organization is now SEC registered BatangRizal is now Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered and has been recognized by the Republic of the Philippines as BatangRizal (Laguna) Organization Inc.

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BRO Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko

(BRO) BatangRizal Organization

BRO Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko”

Posted by: BatangRizal (Laguna) | December 8, 2009

BatangRizal 0rg. on Eat Bulaga

BatangRizal Org. as Dabarkad’s

BatangRizal Org. on Eat Bulaga

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BatangRizal Organization in Action

BatangRizal Organization (BRO)

in Action

BROrg3 002

BatangRizal Educator’s Team (BRET) led by BROrg. President BRO Ellen Visey with BRO Ghie Lucido and BRO Teody Escueta led the turn over of an Asahi 19inch wall fan to the First Year Pilot class I-Ivy’s request thru its class PTA President Mr. Ramil Alias. The turn over of the wall fan is part of the BROrg.’s commitment and support to the Cristobal S. Conducto Memorial National High School (formerly RNHS) thru the Department of Education’s (DepEd) ” Adopt a School Program” where in the BatangRizal Organization signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in support to the Cristobal S. Conducto MNHS  for three (3) years or ’till fy 2012. Source of fund for the purchase of the Asahi ‘19inch wall fan were derived from  the BatangRizal T-shirt sales last Nov. 1 during the Org.’s fundraising drive on All Saints Day.  (photo by BRO Jhun Subijano)

BROrg3 006

From L-R BROrg. President BRO Ellen Visey, BRET (CSCMNHS) Chairman BRO Teody Escueta and BROrg. 1st Vice President BRO Ghie Lucido

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